Shining South

zombie goblins

they made a mess of me

More proof that humanity wanes amongst humans—a set of cowardly human mercenaries in Drow gear enters our shelter bringing with them from the ever-constantly dying earth, goblin zombies!

I died from the necrotic venom that flowed through the undead veins but was revived by unlikely members of an unlikely group. I haven’t felt quite myself since then and I’m certain that these friends’ actions only prove, too, that they have their own agendas and that I am merely still worth something to their greater plans. I must choose my allies carefully and pray that Ra, who seems so very distant from me now, somehow guides me towards my true path.

Curious that the narrow shaft wherein we found our new armour was much for me to bear, and had it not been for the wizard’s light I would have surely lost my mind. Yet these small dark caves are light enough now to illuminate the true nature of each soul. The hatred between men and Drow looms like the dying sky. There is only lust for power and greed and I am sickened.

We have 4 choices if we are to continue together from here… in hopes of what, I know not… We can head south to Dambrath where no doubt the halfling would relish in the spoils of the apocalypse before us, and the barbarian in the vengence-filled deaths of countless Drow everywhere, or we can head north to seek out the rumoured counsel which may tell us more of what we need to know about what is happening to Halruaa. Still, I fear the undead venom lurks within that path. We could continue west to the wizard, Shandra’s homeland, but perhaps they are deceivers, and I am not well with travelling any further east than I must—they are like me but still do not seem to abide with Ra’s pure light. The Drow who shared food with me The Night of The Dark Foreboding, seems to have no alliance except to where he stands, but seems on a righteous path to Ra as to his home, and might benefit from the teachings of my master. I will push for us to travel east, back to my homeland where these death storms surely do not reach… where every soul can be washed clean to aid in bringing about The Great Peace.

I must rest now and ask Ra for guidance to help me convince the others of my plan. My body is weary, feelings of recent death still lingering… I am unsure if I can sleep with both eyes closed. Will they listen?




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