Shining South


* After setting trap at drow Sacrifice Stone, o'Taag kills 4 drow.  3 evil; 1 stupid.  o'Taag begins to question his belief that all drow are evil/enemies.

* "Karen" and "Kip" meet and instantly gel through a shared interest in food and warmth.  The two are then beset by goblins. o'Taag joins the fight at its midpoint. The three overwhelm the hapless baddies.   At the end of the fight an awkward circle of semi-trust is formed despite o'Taag's hatred of drow (DM indebted to "stupid") and the lack of a common language between all three heroes.  The three heroes decide to share the loot (money and a green plot potion) and become the "Party".

* Crazy Green Moonlike Rings in the sky signal a coming storm of caustic, necrosis inducing flame rain.   The Party fails recognize the signal (and all its impending badness) and all are caught in the downpour.  To avoid further necro-burns, the Party seeks shelter in an abandoned keep.  It is here that the Party is introduced to "Tyla" and "Cody" (both of whom also failed their "recognizeimpendingbadnessbeforeithits" rolls).

* The Party expands to include "Tyla" and "Cody" after "Tyla" backs into a bugs' nest and requires assistance.  The (expanded) Party kills 3 bugs suffering some injuries and the loss of "Tyla's" well groomed but now physically unable to perform non-war-horse (which disappears from the storyline quicker than you can say "Elmer's").   After battle, o'Taag greedily quaffs the entire green plot potion and manages to reverse the necrotizing effects of the bad flame rain.

* The Party decides to explore the keep.  The Party recognizes that the keep was at one time owned by an upstanding barbarian king and his brood but had taken a massive hit to its market value after it was "purchased" by a family of drow.  Very soon into the Party's tour of the keep, they recognize that it has fallen to such a state of disrepair that it is now attracting squatters.   Luckily, those squatters happen to be goblins with more green plot potions.   The Party quickly dispatches of said goblins and use the green plot potions to reverse the still-lingering effects of the necro-flame rain amongst the Party.   o'Taag finds a nice big flaming axe. 



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