Welcome to the Shining South!

The Shining South is a great land of fdklajfkldsaj


Raurin (The Great Waste)
  • a vast desert walled by mountains and
  • home to a strange breed of elf-kin known as “Ashengarah”

The Far East
  • made up of a number of smaller kingdoms (Var the Golden, Estagund, etc…)
  • resemble the ancient Egyptian cultures

  • the true home of the Halflings
  • known for it’s hearty foods and expert cuisine
  • has been dominated over time by: Humans (both Barbaric and Civilized), Elves, and most recently the Drow of Dambrath

  • traditional homelands of the Human barbarian kingdoms
  • overrun a century ago by Drow, enabled by a betrayal of the priestesses of those lands
  • now ruled exclusively by a Drow Matriarchy
  • Humans are kept as slaves occasionally
  • recently the Drow have increased their hostilities outside their border

(lands to the north)

  • once

Border Kingdoms

Underhome & The Great Rift

The Plains

Shining South

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